Styles Inspired by Fashion Forward, Adventure & Free Spirit!
Styles Inspired by Fashion Forward, Adventure & Free Spirit!
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About Us

Thanks for visiting Mary Frances Limited!

It was always a dream of Denise's to own a clothing store. One that was unique in look, feel, and style. She has always believed that everything happens for a reason. And God's unique timing brought Denise to purchase Mary Frances Limited from its founder, Frankie Puckett.  Frankie and Denise both knew this was a God thing as the unique store name itself has personal connection to both. Mary is Frankie's mother's name and Frances comes from Frankie's given name. Mary is short for Denise's beloved grandmother, Marion (Bill) and Frances is Denise's mother's name, Frances Gail. Frankie knew that her store and fashion style of serving women with their fashion needs would continue with the new owners in Denise Manley and her daughter, Davis Renee Harley Migdalas. 

Mary Frances Limited saw it's start with Frankie, in the Alcoves of Greenwood, SC. The Alcoves is a place for small businesses and merchants to gather and sell their products all while supporting the non-profit organization, A Place For Us. This organization goes to help girls and women facing crisis situations, gives them physical care and practical life training as well as spiritual guidance. This cause is what first drew Frankie to start her business in the Alcoves in 2008.

The Alcoves were a perfect start for Mary Frances Limited, however, in 2012 a new brick and mortar location would come to fruition! Located just off Montague Avenue, Hwy 25, in Greenwood, SC the boutique found it's new home within its own four walls! 

We are now located at 223 Waller Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29646!

At Mary Frances Limited, you will continue to see styles that Frankie brought forth with her keen fashion sense, along with introducing styles inspired by Denise and her 3 daughters; Davis Renee (styles inspired by adventure), Charley Gail (styles inspired by forward fashion), and Scarlett (styles inspired by free spirit). We are excited for this adventure! We take pride in quick shipping, awesome customer service, and providing you with the affordable trendy clothing and accessories, for all ages - tweens, teens, college age, young adults and mature adults!

We would love to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and let us know what you think and what clothing you want to see! Our customers mean everything to us!

Uniquely you,

Mary Frances Limited

Denise Wilson Manley, owner operator